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Trigger its power to act

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We are all, at certain times in our lives, vulnerable, powerless in the face of events. Yet, if we think about it carefully, there are plenty of times when, thanks to a word, a person, a music, whatever the trigger, we take action. 


Becoming aware of our own vulnerability means better understanding one or another and it allows us to find, with and for them, how to act. Moving away from the established Clichés is discovering that you don't have to be a hero to take action.


Too often the so-called "vulnerable" are qualified by their weaknesses, their flaws, more than by their potential, their aspirations, their resources, while they develop incredible survival strategies.​


By relying on the awareness of our own vulnerability, we can emerge from a one-sided relationship and discover with these people how to trigger their power to act, their self-confidence, their creativity. This discovery is a real source of mutual enrichment and the invisible become visible.

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We all have times in our life when we are able to unleash our power to act and get out of a situation that seemed impossible to us. By taking the time to think about it, we realize that sometimes it is a word, a person, a letter, a gesture that has made us move forward.


Remembering that we can get out of a situation that seems impossible to us, that we have been able to act, is to become aware that we are our own field of possibilities. We have resources within us that we can mobilize and our own experience becomes inspiring for others or for ourselves.