Clichés is part of a much larger project, the Change of View project ( It is a European project which aims to develop educational proposals to support vulnerable groups in discovering how to trigger their power to act and promote their self-esteem, their self-confidence, their spirit of initiative, their creativity to increase their skills.​


Led by 6 partners from Belgium, Spain, France and Luxembourg, it also has the ambition to change the way carers look at vulnerability, because we are all vulnerable at different times in our lives. Because changing our view on vulnerability makes it possible to think about engagement differently. Clichés tell the story of people who, one day, were able to open up their field of possibilities.

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“Becoming aware of our own vulnerability means a better understanding and to find with and for others, how to act, how to take actions, that's what's behind Clichés. "

Clichés was also the prize-winner of season 2 of the intrapreneuriat program of 21, the social innovation accelerator of the French Red Cross ( )


It is within the framework of this program that the podcast was created with the complicity of Louie Media.

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